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Rom Rincon Private Stock 700 ml, Only for friends.

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The Cadushy Distillery produces a prodigious number of different spirits. Their rum, Rom Rincon, is spiced in the classic Caribbean tradition. This smooth and full-bodied rum is spiced with Bonairean wild Basil ‘Yerba di Hole’. It is produced in small batches by the Master Distiller and aged in French Oak Barrels to create a Rum worthy of the name of The Capital of Bonaire ‘Rom Rincon’.
Since the start of the production the Master Distiller of The Cadushy Distillery, Eric Gietman, sets aside a few barrels of rum to create a Private Reserve of Rom Rincon. Aged in small barrels with extra care these rums evolve to “stars from heaven” where you taste the most delicate notes. Produced on limited quantity.
This is Rum drinkers Paradise!

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