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Rom Rincon 700 ml, Rum worthy the name of The Capital of Bonaire.


Grassy, spiced aromas with notes of pimento and sweet leaves.

More grassy notes are followed by notes of clove and ginger, plus fragrant hints of basil and tarragon. A dark sugar sweetness is neatly balanced out by an underlying dryness in the spirit.

Quality awarded by the jury of International Wine and Spirit Competition in London 2017.

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The Spirit named for the Capital of Bonaire.

Rom Rincon is spiced in the classic Caribbean tradition… Today’s Caribbean rum distillers have hundreds of years experience perfecting the art of distillation, aging and blending. In the early days, adding spices to rum was needed because the rums were so crude and harsh that seamen would blend and mix in any spices they had to improve and smooth-out its flavor.

We followed this tradition but started out with high quality rum we create in our own artesian distillery in the heart of Rincon. A distintive spice we use is ‘Yerba di Holé a Bonairean wild Basil that is used in Bonairean traditional cuisine.

We produce only small batches of this rum and age it on French Oak Barrels to create a Rum worthy the name of The Capital of Bonaire.

Rom Rincon won a Silver Medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London. And was awarded a Gold Outstanding Trophy for being the Best Rum & Cola in this years competition.

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